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    1. Welcome to 
      Antique Express Delivery

      Antique Express Delivery is an antique transportation company that will handle items worth one hundred dollars with the same care and expertise as when we deliver collections worth one hundred thousand dollars. ?We offer quotes for deliveries and will carefully deliver your precious items. ?Our drivers are very courteous and always pleased to go the extra mile to ensure that you, the valued customer, are satisfied with your delivery.

      Antique Express Delivery offers a supreme Damage Protection Plan??to cover your fine and fragile antiques. ?Our optional Protection Plan provides full coverage that includes restoration of your item, not some trivial underrated compensation. ?It is without comparison within the industry.

      Antique Express Delivery offers a two-person delivery team and will work amazingly hard in a professional manner for our growing number of clients.? Please contact us for an estimate using our?quotes page.

      Antique Express Delivery offers quotes for blanket wrap, in-home deliveries to all eligible areas. ?We will notify you if you are not eligible for in-home delivery service when we return your quote request. ?

      For complete and detailed information regarding our company, please read?thru our website at your leisure.

      Thank you,

      Antique Express Delivery


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